Table II.

Recognition of breast tumor cells by CTL clone 5a

StimulatorsIF-γ Release (pg/ml) by CTL Clone 5
Target cellsHLA-A31 expressionExpt. 1Expt. 2
1315Br (fresh tumor 1)+171520
1315Br (fresh tumor 2)+106126
1295Br (fresh tumor)+265358
1295 fibroblast+424
1405Br (fresh tumor)1528
1411Br (fresh tumor)ND74
1315Br (culture A)+23224
1315Br (culture B)+0155
1510 fibroblast+8ND
1535 prostate+24ND
1542 prostate17ND
  • a IFN-γ in the supernatant was measured after an 18-h incubation of 1 × 105 CTL clone 5. In experiments 1 and 2, cytokine release from stimulators alone was <10 pg/ml.