Table III.

Summary of immortalization attemptsa

No. of MiceAgNo. of TumorsNo. Ag-Specific TumorsInteresting MAbsSpleen Designation
2Fusion protein431Z
1Fusion protein551Z
  • a Summary of immortalizations of B cells with predetermined specificity from hu-SPL-SCID mice stimulated according to the protocol described in this article. Hu-SPL-SCID mice with reciprocal titers >1 × 106/ml to the immunizing Ag were sacrificed, and the spleens were investigated for the presence of tumor masses. Tumors were cut out, made into single-cell suspensions, and then cultivated. Supernatants from these cultures were tested for the presence of human Ag-specific IgG by ELISA. Cultures producing Abs that were deemed interesting, based on Ab-binding characteristics, were cloned by limiting dilution. F-protein is the fusion protein from respiratory syncytial virus.